6 easy tips to help you get a job next year in UAE

61 per cent of employers plan to hire more people in 2018 than in 2017.
Sometimes we run into opportunities in the most unusual of ways. Whether it’s a hunt for a new work opportunity or you are prowling better job prospects, explore creative ways to land that dream job.

And to brighten up the workplace news even more, a recent Indeed.com survey shows 61 per cent of employers plan to hire more people in 2018 than in 2017 and 40 per cent are worried about finding enough good people to fill those openings.

The survey reveals that not just tech and healthcare firms but a diverse group of industries plan to be on the hunt, with architecture, engineering, IT, telecom and professional service firms at the top of the list.

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In UAE, the recent trends reveal that several firms in Dubai are looking to hire professionals in the fields of marketing, engineering and medical. And they are offering attractive salaries!

The imposition of 5 per cent value-added tax from January 1, 2018, and the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 brighten the job prospects, especially in fields such as legal, tax, accounts and finance, and human resources. Most demands for jobs in the said fields will arise from pharmaceutical, FMCG, retail, hospitality, construction and boutique investment firms.

According to a recent Bayt survey report, the hiring forecast shows a continuation of a strong job market in the UAE as well as opening of new job opportunities. The survey revealed that more than a third – 36 per cent – of those planning to hire in the UAE are looking to hire for more than five job roles.

So, steal a few hours away from the merriment to prepare for the hot hiring year ahead. Forbes gives you seven suggestions that will help you get a job in the New Year and gladden your holidays!

6 Forbes formulas

1. Reconnect with old friends and colleagues

Holiday season is not just for relaxing. Schedule a catch-up phone call or get together over a cup of coffee. Why? Because this will help you be on top of mind if your friends hear about opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Also, send out holiday cards to people who have helped you professionally over the past year. A handwritten note of thanks, especially one that is unexpected, can go a long way towards renewing professional relationships.

2. Say “Yes” to the office holiday party

In a LinkedIn survey, nearly half of professionals said attending the office holiday party had a positive impact on their career. They learned about job opportunities and enjoyed face time with executives they wouldn’t have chatted with otherwise. With luck, you might be able to turn this dreaded social obligation into a boost for your career.

3. Refresh your LinkedIn profile

With so many companies and nonprofits looking to fill positions, more recruiters than ever will likely be active on LinkedIn in the coming months.

Three quick ways to raise your visibility:

1.) Update your LinkedIn profile with all of your 2017 achievements, honors and trainings. Also, link to any relevant PR mentions or articles from the past year.

2.) Optimise your LinkedIn profile with the keywords and phrases recruiters look for. Not sure what those keywords are? Read postings for jobs in your target market and note the key buzzwords and phrases. Then integrate that language into your LinkedIn headline, Summary and Experiences sections.

3.) Activate your LinkedIn “Open Candidate” signal to privately alert recruiters that you’re open to opportunities (LinkedIn hides the signal from recruiters at your employer, as well as affiliated recruiters). According to LinkedIn, simply activating this feature makes you twice as likely to receive relevant messages from recruiters. To activate the signal, go to the Jobs section of your LinkedIn profile, click on Career Interests and turn-on the “Let recruiters know you’re open” signal at the top of the page.

4. Update your resume

It’s a good idea to do this at least once a year, even if you don’t expect to be involved in a job search. That way, you’ll be able to respond in a timely fashion if you hear of an opportunity. In December, ensure that your contact information on your resumé is current; add any promotions, accomplishments or trainings from the past year and eliminate old work experience that is no longer relevant or needlessly dates you (such as old computer programming languages you know).

5. Sign up for automatic job alerts

This will let you be the first to know when the job you want opens up. To activate alerts, visit a few of your favourite job boards and create alerts for selected job titles, keywords and companies. You can also sign-up for job alerts on LinkedIn.

6. Google yourself and clean up any digital dirt

Run a Google search on your name to ensure that your digital footprint is recruiter-ready. Scroll down for at least four pages to see what appears. If you find content that concerns you, make an effort to have it removed. Double-check your privacy settings on social media sites like Facebook, too, so only the people you intend to see your information have access.

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