About us


crew photoThe coding side of the Double Dude, capable of coming up with the simplest of game ideas that still have the full potential of awesome in them. Although lazy his sense of aesthetics borders with obsessive-compulsive neurosis. His main area of interest has always been games, and not only video games but also tabletop games, boardgames, card games and rpg games. He probably designed more games than he has ever played in his entire life. He is most proficient in the art of just chillin’ and lives with his girlfriend in Wroclaw where he studies CS at the University of Wroclaw.


crew photoThe other half of the Double Dude, linguist and concept artist extraordinaire. When not drawing wicked guns and monsters, he can be seen stalking people, a sketchbook in his hands and a blue cap on his head (he even has something of a cult following which is called the Warsaw Sketch Group). When not doing this either, he draws webcomics and blogs about drawing webcomics and blogging. Oh and sometimes he acts in russian student theatre. Booyah!

We are long time bros and in our high school years we came up with many game and world ideas that we never had the time or necessary skills to carry out.
The year 2009 changed everything, at this time Tymek decided to plunge into the world of concept art and utilize his drawing skills that laid dormant within him. Netsu on the other hand, having realized the beauty of logic and formalism, decided to code his most recent game idea.
This way the Double Dude was born, a two-man bro-team, combining mathematical minimalism with artistic sophistication. Our differences complement each other and make sure that our creations end up right in the awesome spot.

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