Abu Dhabi issues permanent vehicle registration cards

The permanent ownership of the vehicle will be issued without the date of completion of the vehicle.
The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police has started issuing permanent vehicle registration cards for vehicles starting December 1.

Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Director of Central Operations, earlier told Khaleej Times: “This step makes it easier for customers to save time and reduce their effort by accessing the services easily and in accordance with international standards.”

Al Dhahiri explained that the permanent ownership of the vehicle will be issued without the date of completion of the vehicle, which will be available electronically in the traffic and licensing system for the purposes of the renovation, which requires technical inspection to verify the safety of the vehicle and then insure it.

The customers will be reminded of the end date via text message.

Ownership will be changed in the following cases: “Transfer of ownership, foreclosure, change of colour, or if residents travel using their vehicles, they will receive a travel document containing the expiry date and insurance data for use in the countries to which they are heading.

He said the new vehicles that have not been registered for three years of technical examination are however exempted, pointing out that the examination and insurance are linked to the database of the General Police Command Abu Dhabi.

He urged dealers to use the Abu Dhabi Police application to obtain licensing services for drivers and mechanisms in general, and not to hesitate to provide inquiries and suggestions through several channels of service within the vision of Abu Dhabi Police in the speed of completion of transactions and access to services.

“This will also meet their needs and services beyond their expectations, in a way that strengthens their confidence in police services, which are subject to constant development and modernisation,” he added.

He stressed the keenness to provide license services for drivers and vehicles to customers according to the top standards within the various channels.

He pointed out that Abu Dhabi Police adopts strategic initiatives to promote the development process and provide innovative services through the use of technology.

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