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Tymek’s Sketchbook Surfing!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Sketchbooksample1Hey there. I’m still alive and guess what: I’m gonna share my drawings with you more. Here’s a page I crunched out today, while recovering from a flu.

It’s a thing I discovered lately, that in order to come up with some cool designs you need to really fill up the entire page and find the shapes inbetween what’s already there. You get forced to fit into spaces you wouldn’t think up when drawing on a blank piece of paper.

It also has this chaotic, packed quality of the drawings I made when I was like 10 years old. Pages just chock full of starships and stuff.

Anyway this is what I’ve been doing lately, just to hone my drawing skills and be able to make concepts no matter how much time and what tools I have (read: how far from a computer I am). These were drawn with a Pilot ballpoint pen and shaded in photoshop, although I’m considering buying a set of gray markers.


Warp Speed gun concepts update: Plasma Gun & Beheader 3000

Friday, April 16th, 2010

So here we have two finals for a high firerate plasma rifle (actually it’s a Personal Vaporizing Plasma Apparatus) and an uber Beheader. Sorry for the long wait, but I’ve been honing my skills as well as striving to get a degree in an irrelevant field of science.

Had great fun with them, I feel that those guys will be my favourite weapons in the game. Protip: if you want to make your concepts aggresive, write some EXTREME words on them. As we can see here – cyrillic characters help, too!

Gun Concepts

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

This is also an annoucement: Double Dude Studio is now working on Pordesign’s (authors of awesome, and I mean HEAD-BLOWS-UP LEVELS OF AWESOME Gusanos mods: ProMode and Gusanos III Arena) Warp Speed.

Anyway, here’s automatic rapidfire shotgun concept made by yours truly, Tmth. I’ve followed Coro’s tutorial on gun concept drawing from Massive Black. The first one was eventually chosen and I’ll be posting as the work proceeds.sylwetki

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