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Trajectory 1.1 update

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A few days have passed and I noticed the game really lacks some sort of a single player gameplay, so I added a simple AI with three difficulty settings. Download and enjoy.

Trajectory for Windows

Trajectory for Linux

Now that was short and straight to the point ;)

Trajectory 1.0 finally released

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Whew, finally it is finished. There may be problems with running it in fullscreen (on Windows) but when in windowed mode it should be all right. The controls and resolution could be easily changed through the menu, you have to restart the game for resolution changes to take effect. In case you mess something up and the game won’t start, try removing the ‘conf’ file.
Specifics on how to play the game are also in the game menu.

Trajectory for Windows

Trajectory for Linux

Just download the package, unpack it and run ‘trajectory’.
Leave comments if you have anything to say about the game :)

Trajectory tech demo

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Haven’t had much time for programming recently, but I managed to put together this tech demo in my spare time. Tymek provided me with new graphics so the game looks much prettier than before. The demo is currently for Linux only, I still have some problems with cross compiling.
But enough of this silliness, the controls are:

  • blue player aiming – Q, A
  • blue player mine – D (hold to charge, release to fire)
  • blue player flare – F (hit a mine with a flare to detonate it before it reaches you)
  • red player aiming – Num_7, Num_4
  • red player mine – Num_5
  • red player flare – Num_6
  • zoom/unzoom – mouse scroll (looks quite awesome)

The objective of the game is to hit the opposing player with your mines 10 times, thus bringing his shield level to 0. When one of the players looses all his shields the game freezes. That’s because I’m too lazy to finish this right now :P the same goes for the lack of any menus, configuration etc.

Trajectory tech demo for Linux

Just download the tar.gz package, unpack it and run ‘trajectory’. If you encounter any problems, be sure to post the output of the game to the console in the comments.

Tip: You can, and should, use flares to defend yourself from incoming barrage. Try to time your mines properly so that they close up on your enemy from both sides at the same moment, this way he won’t be able to shoot them all down with his flares.

If you have anything to say about the demo, please do comment.

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