Trajectory tech demo

July 23rd, 2010 by Netsu

Haven’t had much time for programming recently, but I managed to put together this tech demo in my spare time. Tymek provided me with new graphics so the game looks much prettier than before. The demo is currently for Linux only, I still have some problems with cross compiling.
But enough of this silliness, the controls are:

  • blue player aiming – Q, A
  • blue player mine – D (hold to charge, release to fire)
  • blue player flare – F (hit a mine with a flare to detonate it before it reaches you)
  • red player aiming – Num_7, Num_4
  • red player mine – Num_5
  • red player flare – Num_6
  • zoom/unzoom – mouse scroll (looks quite awesome)

The objective of the game is to hit the opposing player with your mines 10 times, thus bringing his shield level to 0. When one of the players looses all his shields the game freezes. That’s because I’m too lazy to finish this right now :P the same goes for the lack of any menus, configuration etc.

Trajectory tech demo for Linux

Just download the tar.gz package, unpack it and run ‘trajectory’. If you encounter any problems, be sure to post the output of the game to the console in the comments.

Tip: You can, and should, use flares to defend yourself from incoming barrage. Try to time your mines properly so that they close up on your enemy from both sides at the same moment, this way he won’t be able to shoot them all down with his flares.

If you have anything to say about the demo, please do comment.

Tymek’s Sketchbook Surfing!

May 4th, 2010 by Tymek

Sketchbooksample1Hey there. I’m still alive and guess what: I’m gonna share my drawings with you more. Here’s a page I crunched out today, while recovering from a flu.

It’s a thing I discovered lately, that in order to come up with some cool designs you need to really fill up the entire page and find the shapes inbetween what’s already there. You get forced to fit into spaces you wouldn’t think up when drawing on a blank piece of paper.

It also has this chaotic, packed quality of the drawings I made when I was like 10 years old. Pages just chock full of starships and stuff.

Anyway this is what I’ve been doing lately, just to hone my drawing skills and be able to make concepts no matter how much time and what tools I have (read: how far from a computer I am). These were drawn with a Pilot ballpoint pen and shaded in photoshop, although I’m considering buying a set of gray markers.


Double Engine – collision response & texturing

April 22nd, 2010 by Netsu

Collision response is finally finished and I think I will concentrate on graphics and GUI instead of physics for now. The main reason for this is Trajectory which I want to port into the engine as soon as possible and the game makes no use of rigid body dynamics.

On the left you can see how collisions are handled now, some simple textures are also included.

Erik Neumann’s site ‘My Physics Lab’ helped me a lot, together with an article by Chris Hecker.

Some might have noticed the much better framerate of this video compared to previous ones, this is due to me getting a new gfx card, so this will be my standard recording quality from now on ;)

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