Gun Concepts

August 18th, 2009 by Tymek

This is also an annoucement: Double Dude Studio is now working on Pordesign’s (authors of awesome, and I mean HEAD-BLOWS-UP LEVELS OF AWESOME Gusanos mods: ProMode and Gusanos III Arena) Warp Speed.

Anyway, here’s automatic rapidfire shotgun concept made by yours truly, Tmth. I’ve followed Coro’s tutorial on gun concept drawing from Massive Black. The first one was eventually chosen and I’ll be posting as the work proceeds.sylwetki

Ragdoll doodling

August 7th, 2009 by Netsu

My first ragdoll physics engine has gone pretty well. In half a day I was able to do the following  simulation from scratch.

Disregard the crappy framerate, the screen capture utility is eating up a lot of computer resources.

Different parts of the body can have different mass and joints can have limited movement freedom. The only thing missing is angular friction, which I still don’t know how to implement in this particular case.

The code is in Python (with input and display being handled by Pygame) but it should be fairly easy to port it to any other language. Everything is class based, so adding different bodies and using the code in any game in need of ragdoll physics is almost a matter of copy-paste.

Double the Dude, Triple the Awesome

August 1st, 2009 by Tymek

This is the homepage of Double Dude Studio, consisting of me and Netsu.
Here we will post development logs of our various projects. Currently a small multiplayer-on-one-keyboard-only ballistic game Trajectory is nearing completion.

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