A fast-paced, two-player, ballistic space ballet, Trajectory is a new take on the Scorched Earth idea.
Unlike the classic artillery games, Trajectory is in realtime, baby. You must spam your enemy with well placed shots and at the same time defend yourself from incoming barrage using flares.
But the real difference lies in the fact that the fight takes place in space. Gravity no longer pulls your projectiles just downward, they are pulled in the direction of two planets, and each player orbits around one of them. This is some heavy Newtonian tactics to keep track of!
Are you skilled enough to be able to shoot at the enemy even from behind your planet, curving the trajectory of your projectiles with the gravitational force of both celestial bodies?

Trajectory 1.1 for Windows

Trajectory 1.1 for Linux

Download the package, unpack it and run the ‘trajectory’ executable. If you have some problems after changing the resolution/fullscreen options, remove the ‘conf’ file and restart the game.

Tip: You can, and should, use flares to defend yourself from incoming barrage. Try to time your mines properly so that they close up on your enemy from both sides at the same moment, this way he won’t be able to shoot them all down with his flares.


  • 1.0 – first public release
  • 1.1 – added an AI with three difficulty levels

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