Uber Refuses To Refund Passenger Who Got Cheated By The Driver, So He Shares His Photos Online

There are plenty of people who have had a bad Uber experience. Not only are there plenty of stories of drivers never showing up or not knowing which way to go, but the company has also been plagued with complaints of harassment. In this case, a dishonest Uber driver filed an unverified cleaning charge against his passenger.

However, the driver did not seem to be counting on the fact that the passenger was keeping track of everything that happened during their trip. As the passenger’s photos show, the driver was pulled over at some point. The police then stated that the driver’s plates were suspended. That’s a pretty bad situation.

It gets worse, though. Apparently, this Uber driver also had two arrest warrants out on him. This whole situation would make for a pretty bad Uber experience on its own, but the dishonest Uber driver took it one step further by charging his passenger for what seems like an embellished cleaning charge.

It all started when the passenger received an update on their ride. What was just a quick trip in Las Vegas suddenly cost nearly $150.

Uber Refuses To Refund Passenger Who Got Cheated By The Driver, So He Shares His Photos Online

unverified cleaning chargeimgur

The passenger then disputed the claim with Uber, pointing out that the dishonest Uber driver had actually been pulled over for having suspended plates on his vehicle.

Despite reporting the unverified cleaning charge, Uber would not wipe the charge from the customer’s account. They state that they have photographs provided by the driver.

The photograph that Uber provides as evidence of there being a mess is questionable. It doesn’t seem to prove anything let alone that the stain on the seat was left by a passenger.

The passenger politely but firmly refutes the claim made by the dishonest Uber driver. They assert that Uber should not even be allowing this man to drive for them since he was breaking the law.

However, the company seemed unconcerned with the fact their driver had arrest warrants and suspended plates. They continued to assert the cleaning costs to the customer

The customer understandably remains angry and points out that the company has no proof that they made the mess in the driver’s car. With all of Uber’s bad press, it seems they might want to avoid situations like this.

At least the passenger was able to capture some photos of their bad Uber experience. Clearly, their driver was pulled over at some point, and Uber should probably address that issue.


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